Flows – The New WhatsApp Function that Will Allow You to Buy Safely from the App

WhatsApp Flows provides new ways to buy, from the app.

Now, both merchants and WhatsApp users can perform some daily tasks without leaving the application. For example, they will be able to book an appointment or select their seat number on a flight. This is thanks to Flows, the new WhatsApp function through which the purchasing experience on this app is reaching new heights.

How to Use Flows in WhatsApp?

WhatsApp Flows

To enjoy these options, merchants will have some basic tools at their disposal. For example, a calendar, a text box, and a seat selector. WhatsApp already announced the availability of these tools for companies in the coming months. According to what they described on the support page for WhatsApp Flows´ function, you can use it in multiple ways. For example, you can personalize products, book appointments, complete forms, register to participate in events, or log in to your accounts.

According to the company, several pilot tests are being carried out with Flows. Among these, we can mention those carried out with Lenovo, Spinny, the car resale platform, redBus, the Indian travel service, and MagaLu the retailer. They also tested Flows in the banking area, with BancoPan, the Brazilian bank, and the India-based bank SBI. According to statements delivered to TechCrunch Meta´s vice president, Nikila Srinivasan, their aim is to focus on shopping and e-commerce. This is because they consider both sectors as pillars of interest.

And What’s New Here?

Their aim is to establish their tool in the sales market so that people and companies get more options available directly through the chat. They stated that they are “Trying to create rich experiences through the chat, and that is where Flows comes in”.

Additionally, they reported that, although e-commerce companies could already use Flows, they also aim to provide this practical function for other types of companies.

On the other hand, according to what Meta reported to TechCrunch the use of Flows does not imply an additional cost for merchants. This is because the interactions carried out through Flows are included in the current payment model.

When conversations within 24 hours are classified as useful marketing, authentication, and service, WhatsApp charges companies for these interactions. For example, if a customer makes a request to book an appointment, this interaction will likely be classified under the category of public services.

WhatsApp Flows

Background and Milestones of WhatsApp’s Flows Function

📌 In India, where WhatsApp has more than 500 million users, the company is also introducing new payment partners to give its customers more options. In 2022, WhatsApp and Reliance Jio made a partnership for an end-to-end shopping experience. However, in this case, customers could only pay through the UPI-based unified payment interface network, WhatsApp Pay, and in-app. Currently, users can also make payments through credit and debit cards or using other UPI applications. This is thanks to a new partnership between WhatsApp, Razorpay, and PayU, payment gateway providers.

📌 Additionally, WhatsApp is incorporating other payment methods in India to make purchases.

📌 In early 2023, WhatsApp allowed customers to pay merchants in Singapore and also Brazil.

📌 WhatsApp’s commercial income depends on the increase in merchant interactions and completed transactions. Thanks to Flows and its expansion of payment channels in India, WhatsApp may want to power end-to-end shopping experiences, to increase its regular business transactions.

📌 Starting in 2023, WhatsApp indicated that its Business application exceeded 200 million active monthly users. Additionally, it reported in June that it began testing a personalized messaging feature for business owners. Through this function, it will be possible to send personalized messages to certain clients such as offers or discounts for private customers.

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