Digital Marketing: Discover the hottest trends and updates for November 2023 Part 2

In the fast-paced universe of Digital Marketing, change is relentless. In a few short months, tactics and fashions can change completely. November 2023 is not an exclusion. Keeping abreast of the latest news is crucial to stay current, competitive and ready in this ever-changing arena. For this reason and in order to support you, Al-Andalus Digital Marketing Agency Dubai, one of the best digital marketing agency in Dubai, has gathered the latest information and trends in Digital Marketing.

Google makes it easy for you to find content that's right for you and reliable

Digital Marketing updates November 2023. Part 2

When is the optimal time to water the cherry tomatoes on my fourth-floor balcony? What are the essential ingredients to make a vegan leek quiche for less than 5€? No matter how specific your questions are, there is almost always someone willing to provide answers. Google makes it easy to find that specific information with just one click, thanks to new updates that give you access to the information that’s most useful to you.

Google presents you with data in the search results that highlights information about the person helping you, such as their number of followers or the popularity of their content. This makes it easy to find content from creators you’re interested in and verify their credibility. If you’re wondering whether it’s better to water tomatoes at 10 a.m. or 6 p.m., you’ll get the answer more quickly and accurately. If you run a vegetable business, you increase the likelihood that your target audience will find you. And if you’re looking to stand out by selling tomatoes, continue with the “offer knowledge for free, charge for the solution” strategy by clicking the appropriate button.

Microsoft launches Monetize Insights for AI-powered chats

Digital Marketing updates November 2023. Part 2

Continuing with the information from the digital marketing agency Dubai, Microsoft has announced the launch of a new advertising product to help publishers, online news services and application managers monetize their AI-powered chat rooms with ads: Monetize Insights. The news was announced in a post by Kay Sainsbury-Carter, VP, Partner & Media of Microsoft Advertising on the blog of this platform, which manages advertising on the Microsoft Search Network.

The new tool is an API that will allow website and application managers to get more profitability from their chats through advertising and, at the same time, adapt it to the needs and interests of their users. Microsoft Advertising’s initiative has its origin in the launch, last February, of the new version of its Bing search engine, updated with OpenAI’s artificial intelligence, a version that includes the option to develop chats.

Inflection-2 AI outperforms Google's PaLM 2

Digital Marketing updates November 2023. Part 2

In the dynamic world of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, we can never forget Inflection AI. Founded by Mustafa Suleyman of Google DeepMind and Reid Hoffman of LinkedIn, Inflection AI has now burst onto the scene with its innovative Inflection-2 model. This model not only stands out for its advanced technological capabilities, but also for its significant backing from big-name investors, having raised $1.3 billion from the likes of Microsoft and Nvidia.

But what can you do with this AI tool? You can add the chatbot as a contact on WhatsApp and access it through Facebook and Instagram direct messages.

Inflection AI’s Inflection-2 model represents a significant leap in artificial intelligence technology. This model is an improvement over its predecessor, of course, but it also sets new standards in the field of language modeling. According to the company, Inflection-2 has an updated knowledge base and significantly improved reasoning capabilities. These features enable it to respond to user queries with greater precision and to adjust the style of the text it generates in more detail. Without a doubt, it is one of the most relevant information that a digital marketing agency in Dubai gives you.

What is the impact of Inflection-2?

One of the highlights of Inflection-2 is its performance compared to other leading AI models. In benchmark tests, Inflection-2 has proven to be the most capable language model in the world, second only to OpenAI’s GPT-4, as we will see below. This achievement is remarkable, especially considering that Inflection-2 outperformed models optimized for code generation in certain tests, even though coding and mathematical reasoning were not the explicit focus during its training.

The most viewed advertisement in the history of Spain

Digital Marketing updates November 2023. Part 2

Suchard, the nougat brand that cannot be missing from the table every December 24, has achieved a historical record with its new Christmas advertisement. It has become the most viewed Spanish ad in history on social media, reaching more than 50 million views in 10 days and 31.5 thousand mentions, 2992% more than last year. Craziness.

What does that show you? The importance of connecting emotionally with your audience thanks to empathy and a well-designed slogan: “life is what happens between Christmas and Christmas.” A clear example of how to present a product with the indicated format (video in the first scene of the Pixar movie “Up”) where it touches (people are on the RR.SS. 24/7) so that it resonates globally. This way you generate a significant impact on your brand and what you offer.

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