Latest News from the World of Digital Marketing – May 2024

In the ever-evolving realm of SEO and digital marketing, maintaining an edge demands a blend of velocity and accuracy. Here and now, we unveil the freshest developments sculpting the digital vista, sourced straight from industry titans like Google, Microsoft, and the burgeoning dominion of artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence

The first Artificial Intelligence Law is passed

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The European Union (EU) parliament on Wednesday passed the world’s first set of laws to regulate artificial intelligence (AI). The law is expected to act as a benchmark for other governments on the issue.

The legislation passed by plenary vote is the result of a proposal first put forward in 2021, prior to the launch of ChatGPT. The landmark law will impact the way businesses in Europe use AI, from healthcare institutions to law enforcement bodies.

The EU AI law divides the technology into risk categories, ranging from “unacceptable” (which would lead to a ban on its use) to high, medium and low risk. Among “unacceptable” uses of AI were initiatives that sought to interpret people’s emotions in schools and workplaces.

Uses of AI categorized as “high risk”-usually those involved in education, hiring and access to government services-will be subject to particular obligations and restrictions. This means that the riskier an AI application is deemed to be, the more stringent the approval process will be.



In case you want to optimize your time and be in the mood

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Product Studio is a revolutionary tool for brands, leveraging AI to craft content efficiently. This platform has proven instrumental in enhancing companies’ productivity while ensuring that generated visuals align seamlessly with established brand identities. Recently, Product Studio has expanded its capabilities, now enabling the creation of dynamic videos from static images. This feature offers brands a novel and creative avenue to showcase their products across social media platforms.

In the realm of advertising, Google has unveiled three innovative formats empowered by generative AI. Among them, one allows users to engage with short product videos directly within Search ads, offering styling suggestions and complementary product recommendations. Furthermore, virtual try-on experiences have been introduced in apparel advertisements, enabling users to visualize how garments would fit on various body types before making a purchase decision. These advancements mark significant strides in leveraging AI to enhance user engagement and streamline marketing efforts.


Microsoft introduces Copilot+ computers

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Microsoft has announced Copilot, a set of new AI-based features for Windows 11 that will be available exclusively on PCs under the name ‘Copilot+’. These new features will be available starting this summer and represent what Microsoft has called “a new era” for Windows PCs, being part of the upcoming Windows 11 update.

For a computer to be considered Copilot+, it must include a neural processing unit (NPU) with at least 45 TOPS of power. Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon X Series chips are the first to reach this benchmark for Windows PCs. This means that the first wave of Copilot+ PCs will be powered exclusively by Windows on ARM.

AI experiences coming to Windows 11 for these computers (and only for these computers) include:

  • Recall: Allows you to recall anything that happened on the PC screen just by asking.
  • Live subtitle translation: Available in more than 40 languages, directly on the device, without relying on the cloud.
  • Auto Super Resolution: Improves the quality and size of an image.
  • Cocreator: Advanced generation of images and text locally, without relying on the cloud.
    Improved effects in Windows Studio: Includes lighting conditions and artistic styles in real time.

This function, similar to Rewind for macOS but natively integrated in Windows, runs in the background and memorizes everything we see and do on our computer. It allows us to ask in natural language to remember anything we have done in any application. Microsoft has given a lot of importance to this feature, highlighting it as an example of how AI can work in the background to improve our workflow. Conversations, websites, articles, documents, videos… it will be much easier to locate anything from the past.

The first Copilot+ PCs will start arriving in June, according to Microsoft, but not all the new features will be available immediately. We will have to wait a few more months to access all the features. No specific date has been given for a full release.


In short

Latest Tech and Digital Marketing Updates

📌 Google says. Proximity to the searcher is no longer a primary factor in ranking ads for local services. Boom. They say businesses should focus more on defining their service areas well rather than physical proximity.

📌 And they also introduce this. AI-created summaries that will appear at the top of your searches. In these summaries the corresponding links to the info will be displayed. Don’t worry, you won’t have to do anything because it will do it by itself.

📌 New tools in Adobe Lightroom for photo editing. Object removal featuring three variations (they say it will be one of its most powerful tools) and new blur effects. All designed also for the mobile app.

📌 IAB Spain’s Social Networks 2024 Study highlights the growth of users for another year, the increase in use of WhatsApp, YouTube and TikTok (which lead the ranking of the most used social networks) and the fact that 86% of users between 12 and 74 years of age use some social network. Some 30 million people throughout Spain. Wow.

📌 One of the most used functions of X is about to die. It had always been possible to see which posts a certain profile “liked”. Well, this could be coming to an end. So D.E.P. that of keeping an eye and gossiping about people…

📌 The new “Cool Job” of Infojobs, together with Fotocasa. They have published a job offer for you to be a tester of luxury homes for a day, paying you €1,000. It is going viral and they are gaining visibility. Hey, and if you want to get lucky, click here.