Digital Marketing: Discover the hottest trends and updates for December 2023 Part 2

In the dynamic realm of Digital Marketing, change is an ongoing factor. Within a short span, tactics and trends undergo significant shifts. The month of December 2023 is no different. Remaining informed about the most recent advancements is crucial to remain current, competitive, and ready in this ever-changing domain. To aid you in this endeavor, Al-Andalus Digital Marketing Agency Dubai has gathered the most up-to-date information and trends in Digital Marketing.

Google launches Gemini, its most powerful AI model to rival GPT-4

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We start our news from Digital Marketing Agency Dubai with the race for Artificial Intelligence, because every day is more vertiginous and the most recent sign of this is that Google announced Gemini, its most advanced generative AI model so far and that will represent the most important rival of GPT-4.

This new tool was developed by the Google DeepMind team and, according to Eli Collins, vice-president of product of this division, it is a multimodal system in a native way, that is, it is capable of understanding practically any stimulus, whether text, images, videos or audio.

Collins also emphasized that it represents a breakthrough in the standards of AI models, as Gemini has the ability to generate conceptual reasoning, in addition to discerning in the midst of large amounts of information.

In an example that Google showed to a group of international journalists, Gemini was able to obtain information from mathematical formulas to solve exercises and explain them step by step, in addition to generating graphs from data and providing more details to complement the result.

In addition to being able to understand, explain and generate audio, video, text and images, Gemini is also capable of doing these actions with code in the most popular programming languages, such as Python, Java, C++ and Go.

Regarding this, the company highlighted that they created an advanced code generation system, called AlphaCode 2, which has the ability to solve programming problems that go beyond coding and where complex mathematics and theoretical computer science are involved.

According to Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, Gemini represents “an incredible boost” for the company, although he also stressed that they are only “scratching the surface of what is possible”.

Gemini will have three versions and will be included in Bard

Google detailed that Gemini will have three different sizes focused on fulfilling certain types of tasks. On the one hand, Gemini Ultra is the largest model and capable of performing very complex tasks.

Gemini Pro is a model optimized for scaling wider ranges of tasks, while Gemini Nano is focused on streamlining AI tasks on devices. With these three sizes, Google highlights that it can be used in data centers as well as in mobile devices.

It also detailed that Bard, the virtual assistant that the company began to implement starting this year to compete with ChatGPT, will use a version of Gemini Pro in English for more advanced reasoning, planning and understanding.

According to details provided by Google to the press, Gemini Pro outperformed OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 version in understanding inputs of different types. It also said that Bard performed better in blind evaluations with Google’s external assessors.

Bard with Gemini Pro is available for testing today, although the company stressed that only for text-based, English-only prompts in more than 170 territories.

On the other hand, Sissie Hsiao, general manager and vice president of the Google Asistant business unit, said that early next year Bard Advanced will be presented, which will provide access to a much more advanced assistant, as it will use the capabilities of Gemini Ultra.

Guide to improve your visibility and engagement

Digital marketing December

In other information from Digital marketing agency in Dubai, Google uses its algorithm to decide which page is the most relevant to a query. Well LinkedIn also has its own technique with “Analytics”, which gives you detailed metrics such as profile visits, audience data and search results, among others. A well-optimized LinkedIn page attracts more people to your profile, which boosts your career. Now comes when we explain how you can take advantage of it:

  • Keywords: Identify keywords relevant to your profession and skills with tools like Google Keyword Planner. Put them in the headline and the “About” section to improve search match.


  • “All-Star” profile: Keep your profile 100% complete. That includes photo, headline, summary, experience and education. It looks more professional and improves your ranking.


  • URL: Customize your URL to make it easier to search for. Oh, and use your name or a variation of it.


  • Important profile picture: Make it professional and high quality. Profiles with a photon get significantly more views and requests.


Get new connections, influence and opportunities in your career. And succeed.

How to leverage networks next year to generate business?

This year, the heaviest thing in social networks has been that the Twitter bird was reborn from its ashes to become X… and lose a lot of money and popularity along the way. So, new year, new predictions: how to take advantage of the networks next year to generate business?

  • Reels are going to be the protagonists. TikTok and YouTube will be the kings. And there will be a boom with live broadcasts.
  • Adapt to the algorithm: Focusing on SEO for social networks will be fundamental to improve your visibility and reach.
  • LinkedIn continues to grow. It becomes a key platform for professional networking, so if you had read the previous news above, hit the scroll up, come on.
  • Pinterest as ecommerce. It becomes a direct shopping platform to make life easier for users. And your business.

There is uncertainty with Instagram and Twitch challenges appear. One click on the button or photo and you have it explained in the report.

User Generated Content

User-generated content is here to stay and has much higher credibility and influence rates than the content that brands publish on social networks. In 2024 it will continue to be a key demand of social media communities, so it will be necessary to work on social influence strategies capable of generating this identification with the brand and this more direct predisposition to purchase products and/or services.

What do Adidas, L'Oréal and Netflix have in common?

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Adidas blew up a pair of Godzilla-sized sneakers. L’Oreal made up the streets of Paris with a giant lipstick. Netflix put a giant condom on the Obelisk in Buenos Aires. What do these 3 situations have in common? That they are Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) and went ultra viral. CGI has become a top tool to create concepts that were unimaginable before. In addition, it makes brands adapt to market demands and public expectations, which are not few.

It is a revolution when it comes to advertising with stories that make you say “wow, how cool is that!” So you see, using AI as a tool in advertising works well. It’s a good way to reach a large audience in a jiffy, especially on social networks, which is where everyone is. And the more reach, the more potential buyers. A well thought-out strategy.

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