Latest News from the World of Digital Marketing – September 2023 Part 2

If you are more of a Samsung team than an iPhone, you are a mobile geek, you want to be up to date, or all 3 things at the same time, the second Galaxy Unpacked of the year is today.

Well, a very nice man has leaked, more or less… everything, through his Twitter account. The only thing missing was to reveal the official prices.

Promote a new generation of products and their updates to generate hype and exclusivity to the hilt.

What do you think about this Digital Marketing strategy?

Artificial Intelligence

Go to the dark side of Windows

Digital Marketing Lastest News September 2023

Chatbot, Bing Chat, is coming to non-Microsoft browsers. Google Chrome VIP users can now access the desktop version. In addition, the dark side of the force appears: some users can now activate the dark mode in Bing AI.

This expansion to the No. 1 browser marks a fairly big change in Microsoft’s approach, which lands on the most far-reaching platform. It remains to be seen what it means for Bard when Chrome users begin to adopt Bing’s features, although it doesn’t take a genius to guess that nothing good, at least for its AI. You have to get your act together.


So that you end up loving it no matter what

Digital Marketing Lastest News September 2023

Twitter, in case you hadn’t heard, is now called “X”, leaving behind one of the networks’ most iconic logos in exchange for Musk’s idea of what’s more or less cool. Well, any action is not enough to clean up the image that the social network is adopting since the tycoon is in charge, so with bad feedback, more strategies to get out of the hole:

📌 We went from 280 characters to 25,000. Now they confirm that they are still working on a publishing tool for long-form texts, such as articles: Twitter Articles. You can even take a book out of your sleeve if you want.

📌 If you’re subscribed to Twitter Blue, you can now download videos posted on X. Because? On Instagram and TikTok you can and do great, so gas.