Latest News from the World of Digital Marketing – September 2023 Part 1

Speed and precision are crucial to staying at the forefront in the fast-paced world of SEO and digital marketing. Today, we bring you the latest news shaking up the digital landscape, directly from tech giants: Google, and Microsoft, and the growing influence of artificial intelligence.


Say goodbye to waiting a whole day

Digital Marketing Lastest News September 2023

Google has improved AdSense with new tools to facilitate website management. Now, you can check your page in real-time. This means that there is no more waiting a whole day, which means agility, and that is good news.

There’s more: if you don’t want to put ads on your home page, you can use a new meta tag to verify your website. And hey, if you use ads.txt, it’s now easier to track and update. In case you are new to AdSense, adding a new website has become much easier. In short, these new features and improvements streamline the verification process and give you more control over your AdSense accounts, which is great.


In case you want to optimize your time and be in the mood

Digital Marketing Lastest News September 2023

This could change how we search for things on the internet in the future, so be careful. Microsoft has announced a new conversational question-answering model that answers faster and with better accuracy using fewer resources. They’ve called it GCoQA and it uses something called “Generative Retrieval” to search and sort answers.

Look at the page and section titles to understand what it’s all about and then search for, and above all, find the best answer. They tested it with Wikipedia and it worked great, but there are still doubts about how it will work on other websites. Although it has its limitations, it is super efficient and fast

Artificial Intelligence

Has the time come to unseat ChatGPT?

Digital Marketing Lastest News September 2023

In case you weren’t aware, Google is cooking up something big called “Gemini”, an AI system that could take away from ChatGPT, as they have stated that it will mix the best of DeepMind, such as its AlphaGo system, with language skills. The first results are promising.

What we know so far indicates that it could represent a significant advance. If Gemini lives up to expectations, it could drive a shift in interactive AI, following Google’s ambitions to responsibly bring AI to millions of people. And be careful, because not only Google is in this, Meta is also working on something similar. The war continues.

In short

Latest Tech and Digital Marketing Updates

📌 Do you already know what a cat-shaped lemon looks like? Well, you can now find out with the new Google Search emoji fusion tool, and the users, well, happy. Come on, you’re looking forward to it, you just have to put “emoji kitchen Google”.

📌 Let’s see who has the biggest pumpkin. When you have a business, seasonal products are sold. Next up is Pumpkin Spice. First, it was Starbucks, and now brands like Wendy’s and Dunkin’ Donuts have joined it with new products to join the competition. And may the best win.

📌 Channels, from WhatsApp, is now international. Diversifying the types of content that you can access directly from the application is for everyone. That offers organizations new ways to interact with their audiences on a more private platform, which is great news if you have a business and want to reach more people.

📌 Be careful, what you work with ads. Pinterest has some pretty cool updates. Now they have things like Premiere Spotlight and Showcase Ads, which let you showcase your brand in a big way and interactively. They have also launched Quiz Ads so you can customize your ads even more. And if you are one of those who like to have everything organized, the Business Manager automates a lot of tasks. And to attract users!

📌 TikTok wants to steal customers from Amazon for Black Friday. The launch of TikTok Shop has come in handy for the craziest time of sales of the entire year, and it is a weapon that the application will not hesitate to use to take away customers from the largest market of the moment. Well, at least, that’s what we would do.