Latest News from the World of Digital Marketing – June 2024 Part 3

In the ever-changing world of SEO and digital marketing, maintaining an edge requires a mix of speed and precision. Today we reveal the most recent developments that are shaping the digital landscape, straight from industry titans like Google, YouTube, and the burgeoning domain of artificial intelligence. These innovations are critical to tailoring effective strategies that drive online performance and visibility. From changes in algorithms to advanced analytics tools, staying on top of these developments is crucial for any digital marketing looking to excel in a competitive and constantly evolving environment.



Apple's Artificial Intelligence is already here

Digital Marketing

After the arduous reception that the different artificial intelligences have had in recent years, the U.S. company Apple has just announced the arrival of ‘Apple Intelligence’, its own artificial intelligence that will work in all its devices.

Apple Intelligence is the name of the artificial intelligence that Apple will implement and whose main objective will be to make life easier for its millions of users.

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, opened the important event where he announced that the brand will have its own assistant. Cook pointed out that AI must be personal and must be integrated into the user’s routines. He insisted that it must be private, which is why he called ‘Apple Intelligence’ a Personal Intelligence.

Apple Intelligence, a private artificial intelligence

Apple’s CEO mentioned that its artificial intelligence will be private, so all data processing will have to be from the device, ensuring that in case users want to connect it to a server, it has created specific ones for Apple Intelligence.

The multinational has assured that the processors were created solely for this artificial intelligence and are powered by Apple chips. The Apple company is convinced that users’ privacy is the most important thing.

Apple Intelligence will be able to write and correct texts, as well as generate images

Apple Intelligence will be able to help its users to write texts in emails, notes or web pages. It is expected that users can only give instructions and the AI will do all the work, even making the necessary corrections.

In addition to the creation and correction of texts, it is known that Apple has wanted to add to the creation of images. So it has created an image generator integrated to Apple Intelligence, this has been called Image Playground, an application that will allow to create images in seconds choosing between three styles: animation, illustration or sketch.



GA4 upgrades to improve your campaigns

Digital Marketing

In the world of digital marketing, new trends and technologies are coming fast. For example, Google “recently” launched a major update and released Google Analytics 4 (GA4). The latest version of the service, which gives you information about website traffic and user behavior, among other things, now comes with even more features and functionality.

What are the features of Google Analytics 4?

Compared to previous versions, Google Analytics 4, or GA4, gives you even more information about the customer journey. You can track all activity taking place on your site. This includes the most comprehensive reports. Some reports you may be interested in if you focus on search engine optimization (SEO) are:

  • User acquisition reports: this report tells you in detail where your users are coming from, or in other words, how they are getting to your website.
  • Behavioral reports: this report tells you in turn how users “behave” on your website. Think about the pages they visit, the time they spend on your site and the actions they take.
  • Demographic reports: want to know more about the personal characteristics of your visitors? The demographic report allows you to know their age, gender and interests.
  • Conversion reports: using the conversion report, you can find out which user actions lead to conversions.
    Speed reports: within search engine optimization, website speed plays an increasingly important role.
  • Event reports: Finally, GA4 also allows you to track specific events on your website (think conversions or visits).
    What’s problematic, and many marketers share this view, is that it hasn’t gotten any easier. You now have to take care of a lot of things yourself that you used to be well informed about.

Artificial Intelligence

Create a website with AI

Digital Marketing

Bluehost launched an AI-powered website builder that allows users to quickly create professional websites, an evolution of the click-and-build website builder that makes it easy for anyone to create a WordPress website and benefit from the power and freedom of the open source community.

The importance of what this means for businesses and agencies cannot be understated because it allows agencies to scale WordPress site creation and puts the ability to create professional WordPress sites within reach of virtually anyone.

Point-and-click website creation

Bluehost offers a simple website creation experience that provides point-and-click ease with the freedom of an open source WordPress content management system. The heart of this system is called WonderSuite.

WonderSuite is made up of multiple components, such as a user interface that guides the user through the site creation process with a series of questions that are used as part of the site creation process. There is also a library of patterns, templates and an easy-to-configure shopping cart, essentially all the basic components for creating a site and doing business online quickly and easily.

The new AI Website Creator functionality is the latest addition to the WonderSuite site builder.


A/B testing of thumbnails arrives to YouTube

Digital Marketing

YouTube will be launching a new “Thumbnail Test and Compare” feature for all channels over the next few weeks.

This tool allows you to upload and test up to three different thumbnails for each video to see which one works best.

How thumbnail testing works

The ‘Thumbnail Test and Compare’ feature allows you to upload multiple thumbnail options when publishing a new YouTube video.

During the test period, YouTube will randomly display the different thumbnails to some of the video’s viewers.

After collecting enough data, which takes about two weeks, YouTube analyzes which thumbnail generated the highest “view time share” from viewers.

It will then designate one of three possible outcomes:

  • Winner: a clear winner that outperforms the other options based on play time. The winning thumbnail is automatically applied.
  • Privileged: One thumbnail is likely to perform better than others, but the results are less statistically certain.
  • None: No thumbnail was a clear winner. The original loaded thumbnail is retained.
    You can manually select your preferred video thumbnail even if it is not the winning option.

YouTube Thumbnail Best Practices

As part of the demo, YouTube outlined best practices for designing and testing thumbnails.

YouTube suggests that creators start by testing thumbnails on a limited number of older videos to get initial guidance. Then, apply what they’ve learned to test thumbnails on more recent videos.


Artificial intelligence

King, the new video-generating AI

Digital Marketing

Kuaishou, a Chinese short video platform also known as Kwai, has joined the fierce AI race and has presented Kling, its text-to-video generative AI model that aims to compete with Sora AI, OpenAI’s generative model.

Kuaishou has shown the capabilities of Kling through its website and various publications on social networks, with the aim of publicizing all the functions and advantages of this new AI that is revolutionizing the Asian country and that, beyond changing the generative video AI sector, promises to “give life to the imagination” by combining different concepts to create fictional scenes.

For now, Kling is only available in trial version in China for those users who sign up for its waiting list or access it through Kuaiyong, its video editing app, which can be accessed with a Chinese phone number. Although the company has talked about launching it more widely in the future, it has not specified dates.

In short

Latest Tech and Digital Marketing Updates

📌 Elon Musk hasn’t liked what’s new from Apple. He has threatened to ban Apple devices from his companies if they integrate OpenAI into their operating system. Check out what he posted on his X profile.

📌 Google Ads is changing its look. Well, it will on August 30. They are going to change the design by removing the old interface. Tools and functions will be easier to find and that the workflow will be optimized, or so they say.

📌 Bad news for advertisers on LinkedIn. They will no longer be able to target users based on LinkedIn Groups data. With this very valuable way of segmenting no longer available, it could limit the accuracy and reach of campaigns.

📌 Google Photos Magic Editor arrives for Android devices. You can remove unwanted elements, change the sky, adjust the autofocus, portrait effect light, HDR effect…. Little things that are not bad at all.

📌 Work at IKEA in a virtual universe. They are going to release a game on Roblox, an online gaming platform, where they will open a virtual store. Well, they are looking for virtual employees and on top of that with the same salary as real IKEA workers.

📌 Messenger adds “Communities”. This new feature is made to help private groups communicate in a simpler and more organized way. Up to 5000 people can join the same community.