Digital Marketing: Discover the hottest trends and updates for December 2023

In the fast-paced world of Digital Marketing, change is constant. In just a few months, strategies and trends can be completely transformed. December 2023 is no exception. Keeping abreast of the latest developments is essential to stay updated, competitive and prepared in this constantly evolving field. For this reason and to support you, Al-Andalus Digital Marketing Agency Dubai has compiled the latest information and trends in Digital Marketing.

Google allows you to add additional details about yourself in the search results

Digital marketing December

Getting started with news from Digital Marketing agency in Dubai, Google allows you to add additional details about yourself in the search results. In case you have a business, it simplifies the task of them finding all your information. Good thing for the user. In case you are looking for info about a specific business, it allows you to find it faster. User experience and ease of presentation in Google on point.

Now you can include more fields like address and contact information, which makes Google show more concrete info in the search results. Adding these new fields can expand your presence. And the more presence, the more numbers to sell.

How to add Organization support to the rich results test?

You can test your organization’s structured data with the rich results test by submitting a page URL or code snippet. With the tool, you can confirm whether your markup language is valid instantly or not.

If your site is a local business, we recommend that you also follow the existing local business markup language guidelines in addition to the new organizational markup language. If your site is an online business only, we recommend that you use the OnlineBusiness subtype of Organization.

Nearly 300 brands reduce their advertising on X/Twitter by 86%.

Digital marketing December

Sales analytics platform, MediaRadar, revealed a drastic reduction in ad spend on X/Twitter by 261 companies that invested more than $1 million in advertising between January 2022 and October 2023. Eighty-six percent of these brands have decreased their ad spend on the platform.

Brand Safety continues to be a central concern for many companies, which has led to a significant reduction in advertising on X/Twitter with prominent advertisers such as AT&T, Coca-Cola, General Motors, Capital One, Nike or Bank of America, which — they note — would have cut their ad spend by between 70% and 97%.

X/Twitter’s advertising revenues, were about 4 billion euros in 2022, according to eMarketer, but a significant flight is expected this year which would leave them at about 2.8 billion euros. In 2021, shortly before its acquisition by Elon Musk, Twitter’s revenue as a public company was around €4.3 billion.

It also decreases the value of the platform after its purchase in 2022, to less than €18.5 billion after the €42 billion paid in its acquisition.

When it's not the product that matters, it's the strategy that matters

Digital marketing December

If when you go to a terrace, your colleague orders a Heineken (or you order one yourself), it has a lot to do with the company’s digital marketing. The beer brand has achieved international recognition thanks to a well-thought-out strategy. Take paper and pencil, this is for you to take notes and take it with you.

  • First, it has known how to take advantage of all the potential of good branding and make the most of it in social media.
  • But they also decided to break away from traditional job interviews to attract talent and use it to support their differentiation. BOOM.

With that you not only get great engagement, you show that with high doses of creativity, you can persuade your audience that some companies are more than just a product. What does this teach you? Aligning every aspect of your business — even recruiting — with your brand identity and values produces good results.

Why has Heineken achieved international recognition?

Its high positioning among its target, but also among the general public; its great brand awareness in many markets, beyond its own product category; and its powerful corporate brand image, thanks to a more than effective branding management, have catapulted Heineken to the top. The well-known brand of beer has achieved international recognition among consumers thanks to a well-studied and well-worked business, marketing and communication strategy that leaves no one indifferent.

TikTok increases competition with Youtube

Digital marketing December

Seance AI is the latest development in the field of artificial intelligence, but how useful is it?

Talking about what hurts us and, our emotions in general, is an avenue for healing. But how do you heal when you haven’t been able to say what you loved to a loved one before they left? Artificial intelligence seems to have the answer to this question. On their way to conquering the world (and our lives), AI developers have also turned their attention to death and have developed a program that allows us to say a final goodbye to our deceased loved ones.

When we lose a loved one, many feelings surface. If the death is sudden, frustration and regret usually predominate. We say to ourselves, “I wish I could have said that”, “I should have apologized for this or that”, “I would like to say goodbye one last time.” These thoughts can impede or delay mourning and, above all, become obsessive. Bringing the dead back to life would probably be the best way to make up for lost time. But so far science has not found a viable way.

That’s where artificial intelligence comes in. Development lab AE Studio is working on a program, called Seance AI, that allows you to have a last chat with your loved ones through a chatbot. To replicate as closely as possible the person you want to communicate with, the AI will need certain information: their first name, last name, date of death, details about their life, your relationship with them and a note written by the deceased person to mimic their writing style.

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